Suffah Intellectual School

Islamic based education blended with latest technology

Pedagogic Style

1. Memorization of the Quran is not only a great honor but a huge responsibility. The school plays an important role in setting up an organized routine for the Hifz students.

2. For understanding the role of school for academics of Hifz students, we are sharing some major policies and routines with you.

3. Our hifz school timings will be; a. February to Nov: 6.30 am to 4.30 pm b. December to January: 7.00 am to 4.00 pm

4. Daily routine: summer and winter a. 6.30 am to 8.00 am: Sabaq time b. 8.00 am to 8.30am: [Breakfast] c. 8.30 am to 12.40 pm: Sabqi and manzil d. 12.40 pm to 2.00 pm: Power Nap and namaz break e. 2.05 pm to 4.30 pm: Revision and next sabaq

5. The Hifz students take English, Math and Science classes once or twice a week to keep themselves fully acquainted with academics.

6. Hifz students are evaluated three times in a year based on Tajweed, Accent and Memorization. a. First Term b. Mid Term c. Final Term

7. The school will not prepare the students for grade VIII. If a student is interested in joining grade VIII then he/she will prepare himself/herself for grade VIII with hard work and self-study.

8. Class is divided into 3 groups: a. First Group (Those who learnt 10 para’s): 2 para’s manzil is mandatory on daily basis b. Second Group (Those who learnt more than 10 but less than 20 para’s): 3 para’s manzil is mandatory on daily basis c. Third Group (Those who learnt more than 20 para’s): 2 para’s manzil is mandatory on daily basis

9. Manzil: 2 para’s on daily basis

10. The purpose of the Hifz academic programme is to ensure that our Hifz students while joining the regular classes have a smooth transition. In addition to the emphasis on regular studies we also offer the following opportunities to our Hifz students.

11. Extra-Curricular Activities a. Games sessions (Martial Arts and kabaddi) to keep our Huffaz and Haafizaat physically fit and active. b. The Tarbiyah session is a special favourite where Hifz students are involved in character building through stories from Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Sahabah (R.A).It’s carried out on daily basis throughout the years at end of day from 4.10 to 4.30. c. Participation in the inter and intra school competitions of Qirat, Naat speeches and debates. d. Participation in the national events celebrations like defense day etc.

12. No summer and winter break will be offered to hifz students.

13. If the school considers a student’s performance unsatisfactory (e.g “daily Sabaq” “sabqi” & “manzil” is weak), lack of interest, Poor discipline and non-serious attitude of the parents and the student; that particular student will be asked to join the regular classes at any time in the year.

14. Constant motivation, encouragement and co-operation are required from the parents for creating a conducive environment for the hifz students. The diaries should be checked and signed regularly by the parents.

15. School will not appreciate any mistake in sabaq and sabki whatsoever.

16. Once a student completes his/her Quran, he/she will recite one para on daily basis till 8th class.

17. All those students are eligible for Wafaq -Ul- Madaris Exam; who will complete their hifz before 6 months of conduction of exams.

18. In the Hifz programme, ‘SABAQ’ plays the most important role in attaining high proficiency level. If memorization of the daily ‘SABAQ’ is weak, the entire programme will be problematic. Parents must take full responsibility of the daily SABAQ.

Uniform, books and other accessories

1. Students will wear the following uniform. a. Summer: White shalwar qameez, white Namaz cap and sandals. b. Winter: White shalwar qameez, green sweater, White Namaz cap and shoes.

2. At the time of admission students will bring the following things with them and place them in school’s locker; a. One pair of slippers for Wudhu b. One Namaz mat c. Clean sheet and pillow d. A dining mat (daster khwan) (All the above items should be in a lose bag with the name of the student on it.)

3. Books will be available in the school. Students will buy complete set with books and notebooks.

Rules for other subjects classes

a. Classes will be conducted twice a week for all subjects.

b. Students must attend the classes and must complete all the tasks assigned by the teacher.

c. Time table will be provided for the subject wise classes.

d. At the time of class students must have their books, notebooks and stationery. Students will not be allowed to sit in the class without above mentioned items.

e. Homework, class assignments, research task and tests are all parts of the study process. Failing in performing these task will be marked as negative in the student’s report.

f. Students will be assessed in three terms; First, Mid and final term.

g. Misconduct with the teacher and any other disciplinary act can have serious consequences. Negative behavior towards the teacher or studies will not be tolerated.