Suffah Intellectual School

Islamic based education blended with latest technology

Islamic Theology

Suffah intellectual school is carrying out a mission of providing modern education in the light of Islamic values taught in the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad SAW. Children are not only taught the Islamic concepts and values but also they perform it practically and the school makes sure that they are also practicing it in their daily life. Our school provides the environment in which students willingly and passionately participate in the religious activities. Friday is the one dedicated day for religious activities under the supervision of two scholars who are highly qualified and competent. They are experienced and trained to teach young learners in an interesting and motivating manner. On that particular day, the scholars deliver lectures about different topics like; importance

Quran & Its significance

Life of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W

Method of Salaat

Lifes of khulfa - e -Rashdeen

Lifes of Anbiya -e -karaam

Values and principals of Islam

After delivering lecture in an interactive way, students are given hand outs and worksheets that comprehend the knowledge that is delivered. Scholars teach one hadith every Friday with translation and practical importance and students repeat that the whole week. This way students can learn as many hadith as they require to learn at their early stage of life. Students also learn one dua’a and repeat it the whole week. We believe in practical approach, that’s why students perform a role play in the assembly about any topic. The act emphasizes the importance of that particular topic and how to implement it in daily life.