Suffah Intellectual School

Islamic based education blended with latest technology

General information about admission

Admission to all classes started by 1st February and may continue till 31st March of the year unless for any special circumstances.

Each academic session mainly consists of three terms.

Co-education is restricted to Grade-IV merely. Afterwards, girls and boys migrated to separate classes.

Admission to the Hifz-ul-Quran Kareem class opens around the year.

An oral and written test conducted at the time of admission and is solely based on merit.

Student must clear the admission test to obtain admission in school.

The admission test is prepared in accordance with the level of the student.

Once the admission is approved by the Principal or Campus Coordinator, fee challan is issued respectively.

There’s no written and oral test for KG-I class.

Student B-form and Parent ID card is required at the time of admission.

SLC is highly mandatory for the creation of admission.

Age Limit

Class Levels Minimum Age on 1st February (Years) Maximum age on 1st February (Years)
Daycare 2.0 2.6
KG-I 3.0 4.0
KG-II 4.0 5.0
KG-III 5.0 6.0
Grade - I 6.0 7.0
Grade – II 7.0 8.0
Grade – II 7.0 8.0
Grade – III 8.0 9.0
Grade – IV 9.0 10.0
Grade – V 10.0 11.0
Grade – VI 11.0 12.0
Grade – VII 12.0 13.0
Grade – VIII-x We don’t offer admission after grade VII
Hifz ul Quran 7.5 10.5